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About Me

Hi, I am Farha Mukri. Traveler. Writer. Photographer. Software engineer. Translator. Lover of nature, books, and window seats! Thanks for stopping by to learn more about me. Here’s my story and an overview of what to expect on this blog.

Me standing atop Garnet Peak in California's Cleveland National Forest
At Garnet peak in California’s Cleveland National Forest

My journey

I first tasted the joys of long-distance travel at nineteen as I boarded my first solo flight from Mumbai to the United Kingdom to visit my eldest sister. I loved seeing the tourist spots of London that I’d only heard or read about until then – the grandiosity of Big Ben, the calming waters of River Thames, the lifelike wax statues of Madam Tussauds, and the zoomed-out city from the London Eye. 

Yet, what I remember the most from that trip are the mundane walks near my sister’s apartment in Birmingham. I would venture out alone while she was at work without the navigation luxuries of today’s smartphones. At first, I was scared, of getting lost. But slowly and surely, I expanded the girth of my strolls, sometimes delighted to find a new route home, sometimes warmed by the sight of a familiar park. 

A few years later, I packed two suitcases (okay maybe three) and set off once again for the West, this time to pursue higher education in the Midwestern city of Columbus in The United States. It was in Columbus, and later in Chicago that I learned to not only travel to a foreign destination but to build a new life from scratch and make it a home. 

Life at university was rigorous and didn’t leave much time to explore my new surroundings. But no sooner had I settled down with a job and marriage in Chicago, I was itching to kickstart my travels. Over the next 12 years, my husband (Aman) and I have spent weeks exploring National and State Parks, small towns, and cities of America. We’ve traveled to several memorable destinations around the world like Japan, Egypt, Australia, and Switzerland.

Between hiking across the red rocks of Sedona, floating along the expansive Colorado River around Horseshoe Bend, hanging out with stingrays in the clear turquoise waters of St. John, and indulging in the food and architecture in our home city of Chicago, I’ve grown to love and learn so much about my adopted country. 

Aman and I enjoying the beach in St. John, US Virgin Islands
Aman and I enjoying the beach in St. John, US Virgin Islands

Our journeys abroad have also steered away from the conventional paths. In Australia, we skipped Sydney and opted for scenic Tasmania, cruising along the Tasman National Park and feeding Tasmanian devils. We marveled at the pyramids in Egypt but found greater pleasure in cruising along the Nile, stopping in smaller towns like Luxor and Aswan to explore the ancient temples. We spent most of our time in Japan outside of neon-lit Tokyo, hiking along the ancient Nakasendo trail that showcases the simplicity and natural beauty of rural Japan.

My travel experiences started with a typical mindset of wanting to see as much of a place as possible in the shortest amount of time. This kind of traveling left me amazed but not truly fulfilled as I rushed from one attraction to the next. Over time, I’ve grown to appreciate a more relaxed style of travel that runs deep rather than wide.

Trips come true is a humble effort to distill tons of information and inspiration from my time on the road to help YOU make your travel dreams come true. I love spending hours poring over guide books, blogs, and tourism websites for planning every trip. But I know that such intense planning and execution can seem overwhelming and leave you feeling confused about where to go next or how to orchestrate a memorable trip.

I hope this blog will allow you to simplify your travel planning and enjoy a more immersive, deeper travel experience. It aims to suggest unique, lesser-known destination ideas and unconventional ways to experience even popular places. Through nature, food, and history, you will find ways to feel the pulse of a place, whether you’re away for a weekend or sojourning for a longer period.

What to expect

From ideas for where to go next to detailed planning tips, here’s a quick snapshot of what you can expect to find here.

  • Geography: North America, Carribean, Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa.
  • Travel style: Mostly independent.
  • Attractions: Landscapes, Mountains, Beaches, Offbeat towns and cities, Rural areas, Lesser-known sights in popular destinations.
  • Activities: Hiking, Walking, Local food and culture, Wildlife viewing, Historical tours, Farmers’ markets, Boat rides, Kayaking.
  • Budget: Mid-budget.
  • Travelers: Couples, Friends, Solo travelers.

If you feel like this speaks to your idea of travel, go ahead and dive right in! I always love hearing from my readers. You can reach out to me with any travel questions and comments on social media or via this contact form.

Safe travels and may all your trips (dreams) come true!

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